Music Academy

A center of Musical Excellence.

The Academy Provides high-quality Musical training for students who are willing and ready to Learn any kind of musical Instruments, voice training, and to cap it up, for those who also want to take music as a discipline.
Theory and Practical are available.
Home and school training are also available.
Basic Courses includes
*  Voice Training
*  Keyboard Basic & Advance
*  Guitar Basic & Advance
*  Drums Basic & Advance
*  Song Writing
*  Music  Production
*  Music Theory Basic & Advance
*  Bass Guitar Basic & Advance
*  Choir  Training and management
*  Sound  Engineer.
Courses Durations.
Three months duration
Six Months duration
Nine Months duration and
One year.
Forms at available at the office.
A certificate will be issued as soon as you have completed your training.

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